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From the Latvian Mathematical Society's statutes

The Latvian Mathematical Society (abbreviated LMS) is an independent voluntary association of physical and juridical persons. Its aim is to support and to stimulate the development of mathematical sciences and mathematical education in Latvia. LMS is a creative non-profit organisation with the rights of a juridical person; it is located at the Latvian University. The activities of LMS envelop the whole Latvia.

The self-government institutions of LMS are:

  —  the general meeting of the members of the Society;
  —  the Chairman of the Society;
  —  the Board of the Society.

The Revision Commission is the controlling and revision institution of LMS.

The general meeting of the members is the supreme decisive institution of LMS.

LMS general meetings can be ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary general meetings are convoked by the Board at the beginning of the year. The extraordinary meetings are convoked by the Board either according to its own initiative or by the demand of the Revision Commission or by the demand of at least the quarter of the number of ordinary members of the Society. The meeting must be convoked after the reception of the demand. In case the Board does not convoke the meeting it is to be convoked by the Revision Commission. About the time and the programm of the general meeting the members must be informed not later that 14 days before the meeting.

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